Scheduling Classes:  Classes are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday on a first come first schedule basis.  You can request any type of class on any day if that time slot is available.  A 50% class deposit is required to reserve the time slot.

Class Policy:  When taking a class, if you need additional help outside of the allotted class time, planned time will need to be scheduled at an additional cost.  Punch cards or bumper classes are available.  If you are scheduled for a class with multiple sessions and are unable to attend one of the sessions, you can choose to move forward on your own or schedule individual time at an additional cost.


Beginner Basics/ Intro to Knit (2 hours)

This is a 2-hour class for those who want to test the waters and see if knitting is for you.  Learn a basic cast-on method, the knit stitch and binding off.

Cost:   $30 + supplies.  Supplies needed: size 7 needles and light solid color worsted weight yarn.  Save 10% on supplies when purchased in store.

Deluxe BEGINNER(Two 2-hour sessions, about 1 week apart)

Do you want to learn to knit, get as much as possible out of a beginner class, and have the support needed to see it through?  Then this is the class for you!  Learn an intermediate cast-on method, garter stitch, stockinette stitch, rib stitch and binding off.  This class will position you to go on to handle many beginner patterns.

Cost:  $50 + Materials**:  ~200 yards of worsted weight yarn and knitting needles (US 7).  **Save 10% on supplies when purchased in store.

Fix It Class (2 hours)

Don’t live with your mistakes, FIX THEM!  Learn how to back up in your knitting and purling, pick up dropped stitches through stockinette and garter stitches, and more.  NOT knowing how to fix your mistakes in knitting will waste your time and money.  Don’t wait to learn; it is so much easier than you think!

Cost:  $30+ Materials:  Bring a knitted swatch in worsted weight yarn (approximately 24 stitches x 20 rows of stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row) with appropriate size needles, a crochet hook in appropriate size, and a darning needle. 

Bumper Class – Knit/crochet (30 minutes)

Know knit or crochet  basics but want to learn more?  A class designed to “BUMP” you into another skill level in knitting or crocheting.  Let’s create a custom bumper class to introduce you to something new. 

Cost:  $10 + Materials:  To be determined based on desired skill.

FAIRISLE Class (3 hours)

A great introduction to multi color knitting.  Working with more than one color yarn is not as difficult as you might think!  Need to know how to cast on, knit, purl,  and  knit in the round.

Cost:  $40 + Materials**:  2 different colors of worsted weight yarn, US 7 circular needles (16") and US 8 circular needles (32").  **Purchase supplies needed for class at The Social Knitwork and receive 10% off those supplies.

KNIT IN THE ROUND/  (2 1/2 hours)

Learn to knit in the round.  Cost is $40.  Materials:  Worsted weight yarn.  You need to know how to cast on, knit and purl.  You will learn to knit in the round using 3 different methods allowing you to decide which is most comfortable for you.  You may move on to create a hat or just gain the skill of knitting in the round, your choice.


Cost: 30$  Learn the classic cable stitch while making a simple scarf.  Materials: 1 skein of Gina Chunky, size 11 needles on 24" or 32" cable, and size 10 16" cable needle.   You will learn the difference between regular cable and reversible cable.  Need to know how to knit, purl, rib stitch.




Learn entrelac technique while making fun little felted coasters. 

Cost: $40 + materials:  We will use one skein of Gina worsted, size 7 or 8 needles on 32" cable.  Need to know how to knit, purl, ssk, p2tog, and pick up stitches.


Learn basic brioche while making a plush scarf.  Beginner 2 color is the sub structure for all other brioche stitches.  This will help you get on your way!

Cost: $40 + materials  Materials needed: 2 high contrast color yarns of the same weight. (I can make suggestions if needed)  Needle size according to the yarn you choose.  Need to know how to knit, purl, k2tog, p2tog, yo, and back out of your knitting.



Learn and master the chain stitch and single crochet while making  a wash cloth.

Cost:  $30 +Materials:  Materials needed, Crochet hook G and worsted cotton or cotton blend yarn.

TUNISIAN CROCHET basics  (1.5 hours)

Cost:  $30

Learn basic stitches and get started enjoying a different crochet technique.  Need to know how to crochet.  Materials needed:  stash yarn to play with and hook size to work with yarn of your choice.



Learn to spin fiber into yarn with the ancient art of spinning. 

Cost:  $30 + Materials:  Fiber and drop spindle


Learn to make knots, picots and dainty flowers using a tatting shuttle.  Cost:  $35, includes Materials:  Shuttle and practice thread included in class.

CLASS REQUESTS:  Don't see a class you would like to take listed here?  Request your desired class.  We will make it happen!  Hours and cost to be determined based on class request.

KNITTING OR CROCHET HELP:  Help punch cards are available for purchase.  A help punch card offers 6 opportunities to request help with your project.

Cost for Help Punch Card: $30

**Reminder, any materials purchased for class in shop can receive a 10% savings on those materials.**